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Pastels Create Bold Statements

29 Mar

Tory Burch: the Designer

28 Mar

Tory Burch is hitting the fashion industry by storm. Her line, Tory Burch, launched in 2004 and quickly got noticed. Oprah endorsed her label the next year. Cameron Diaz, Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Lopez wear her label. But this wasn’t the designer’s first time in the fashion industry. She worked for Vera Wang, worked at Harper’s Bazaar, and was a copywriter for Polo Ralph Lauren previously.

Tory Burch can be described as “preppy boho.” Her label includes a T logo medallion (left) on most products. Growing up, Tory was described as a tomboy and her clothing also gives a preppy tomboy look. She says, “Spring 2012 is inspired by Deauville in the Twenties — sporty and polished with an emphasis on special details.” Tory Burch is versatile to the everyday woman, ranging from simple T-shirts to sophisticated blouses.  However the prices range $100-$400.

Tory Burch flats are noticed instantly because of the T medallion. The shoes come in a variety of colors, ranging from hot pink to black. These flats are simple that add a sophisticated look to an outfit. Loafers are new this season. Burch adds colorful prints to the loafers to help them stand out. She even gives you ideas on how to style them (here). Burch came out with a Beverly heel which is pointed and has a bow on the side. This shoe adds a feminine touch to an outfit. It comes in different prints and colors to make the shoe pop.  Heels, wedges, sandals and flip flops are also her specialty.

Burch not only does fashion, but she does her part in humanities. She has her foundation, Tory Burch Foundation, which provides economic help to women and their families. The non-profit foundation empowers women with financial tools in order to succeed. They provide loans to women who are in need. At age 45, Burch has made a name for herself in the fashion industry and still managed to give back.

Tory Burch

22 Mar
Tory Burch

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Prom Dresses: Find Your Favorite Style With the Perfect Shoes

16 Mar

Prom season is here: the hunt for the perfect dress and shoes is on. And a perfect date too? Are you feeling the stress? You can alleviate that stress by finding your perfect dress first. Prom isn’t exclusive to just buying long gowns. You can explore a variety of styles and colors.  Finding shoes will be easy once you have your favorite style. No matter what your style is, you’ll surely look fashionable.

Long and Simple Prom Dresses

A simple solid color dress is the best way to when you don’t want to stand out. A traditional dress doesn’t have to be a traditional color. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Go for a deeper color even if lighter colors are your thing. Try a deep green or a bold purple dress (top right).

Complement the dress with silver heels if the dress has a little silver embellishment on the shoulder strap, like the one purple dress. Match the shoes with a silver clutch purse. It adds an elegant feel. A fitted dress, the right shoes, and simple accessories will give you that classic look.

Ball Gown Prom Dresses

Try a ball gown dress to look like Cinderella. But shorter dresses puts a twist on this classic style. Some come in bright prints mixing greens and purples. Pick one color to focus on if your dress it multi-colored. It is more visually appealing. Choose either a green shoe or a purple shoe.  Try a nude shoe and accessorize when you have a lighter dress. Make sure that your dress has tons of gems so that you can sparkle once the lights go dim.

Print Prom Dresses

A bright dress with tons of print help bring out your inner wild child. Print is the best way to go to make you stand out and get noticed. Find a shoe that focuses on one color of the dress. Again, focus on one color. You can accessorize with color.  Bold prints are your favorite way to stand out. Prints are different and unique. This is the best way to make your personality stand out.

Sequin Prom Dresses

Sequin dresses are usually a fitted dress that comes in both long and short. This type of dress is elegant and eye-catching. You can wear a simpler shoe, not too flashy though. All the attention should be focused on the dress. Try wearing long earrings but avoid any necklaces. Necklaces will fade in with the dress and might become overkill. Simple is the best way to go. Sequin dresses look better if they are tan or beige. Go for bold purple or pink to mix it up a little.

Find your favorite style to make prom a night to remember. Long or short, simple or bold, choose whichever dress makes you feel beautiful and confident. Shoes are easier to find when you know what kind of dress you want. As stressful as prom season is, it will all be worth it.


Hot Spring Shoes for 2012: What to Look for this Season

2 Mar

Spring shoes are no doubt an exciting time for new shoes to come out. Not only does the new season mean you can get rid of wearing your winter boots but it’s time to buy new shoes.  The latest trends help energize your outfit to make you look fresh and clean. These styles can be worn both day and night, no matter what the occasion is. Celebs have been seen rocking these trends on the street and the red carpet. Be on the lookout for these styles everywhere you go.

Double Platform:

The double platform adds that extra “oomf” to an outfit. Surely to stand out in a crowd, this heel can be as high as 5 inches. Usually these shoes can be worn with a simple cocktail dress but don’t be afraid to pair them up with some jeans. Lauren Conrad has been spotted wearing a Mui Mui Double Cross Sandal Platform Sandal with dark skinnies and a tee. You can go for a wedged double platform heel – which in my opinion seems like the best type of heel, or a stiletto. Whichever kind you choose, just be sure you can walk in them and they aren’t too painful. Pain doesn’t always mean beauty.


This season detail are being added to shoes to help make the shoe stand out just a little more. My favorite is the bow on a flat. Typically the bow would be on the front of the shoe for everyone to see, but how about a bow in the back of the shoe, near the heel? Different, right? The Libby Edelman Alize Floral Flat does exactly this. It combines the better of two worlds: the simplicity of a bow and the detail of floral print. Don’t get me wrong, the bow on the front of the shoe can be just as eye-catching like the Irregular Choice Abigail Bootie. Although the bow is in a blue hue like the rest of the sequined shoe but is clearly noticed with the size of the bow. Studs are also up and coming. Pair it up with a leather jacket , perfect for going out. Be sure to wear a lot of rings and necklaces to give that edgy feel.

Color Blocking:

Normally a popular trend in clothes, it has made its way to shoes. I’d much rather use color blocking in shoes rather than clothing because then more people are likely to recognize it. You can choose a simple color block like black and white or go edgy with neon colors, like the G BY GUESS Verna Color Block Pump. Outfits can made working around this shoe. Choose one color that you like best and make it stand out. If your shoe has orange in it then wear an orange tee, or be simple and just pair it up with a black or white shirt. See more on color blocking here.


Floral, tribal, and stripes have dominated the trends lately. The prints can be found on a wedged heel or on the shoe itself, but can be found on sandals and flats. Prints can be versatile when creating an outfit. They can help bring and outfit together or emphasize another part of the outfit

  • Floral prints range from a variety of vibrant colors like oranges and purples. My favorite is the Bandolino Jamara Pump. The black with the orange really makes the flowers bloom. Another is the Qupid Penelope-35 Pump, which combines the height of a double platform heel and vibrant colors.
  • Tribal also ranges in color but they are more subtle and can be matched with a brown hue, but not always. The SM Women’s Rylan Wedge Pump mixes red, yellow, blue, and touches of gray and white together creating the perfect tribal print. I’d match this up with a black skirt for going out. If you’re looking for a more casual, flatter shoe, try Two Lips Prim Sandal. The cheetah print and added feathers help give you that wild feel.
  • The simplicity of stripes matched with vibrant colors help create that fun, care-free feel to an outfit. This season stripes are mixed with reds and purples to create the care-free vibe. But if these colors aren’t really your thing, you can go simple. My favorite is the navy blue and white stripes. This gives a nautical, so be sure to make your outfit look like that. No, I’m not saying to go out in a sailor’s uniform, but pair the shoes up with some red skinnies and a white blouse. The red pants help draw attention to the outfit and making the shoes more refined.

Now these trends aren’t exclusive to one shoe; certainly a double platform shoe can include prints and details but so can color-blocked shoes. Don’t be afraid to take risks with your shoes. Get out of your comfort zone and incorporate these trends into your daily outfit.