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Glitter Shoes DIY

24 Apr

The latest trend this year is glittered shoes. Some shoes, however, may come at a costly price – especially the ones from big-time designers. There is a way you can still get this new trend without making a dent in your wallet. All you need is glue, glitter and your favorite pair of shoes. All items needed for this project can be purchased at Michaels, AC Moore or any craft stores.

First choose your shoe. You can pick heels, flats, sneakers – whatever you like. Make sure the shoe is plain and has no designs. You can create designs on your shoe with the glitter. If you’re using sneakers, be sure to take out the laces before gluing.

Keep in mind that if you’re making designs, you’re going to need tape. Painter’s masking tape is the best to use for a nice, clean finish. Tape the parts of the shoe that you don’t want glittered.

Paint parts of shoe with glue where you plan to add glitter. For beginners, add all your glitter into a bowl. Hold the shoe over the bowl and apply your glitter. This keeps your workspace cleaner. Use spray glue after, to apply more coats of glitter. This is where you will want to add tape on the bottom of your shoes so no glitter will get on the sole.

Spray clear shellac to the shoe when all your glue is dry. Try Aleene’s Final Step Spray Acrylic Sealer in a Gloss Finish for a clean finish. Wait another day or so until you wear your new shoes out. Remember to take off the tape before wearing. Enjoy and good luck.

Different Foot Types: Help find your perfect, comfortable shoe

12 Apr

Summer is coming soon and finding the right sandals can be challenging. It’s a fact that you and someone else may not have the same foot type. Determining which sandal will be comfortable for you is difficult when you don’t know your foot type. Figure out your foot type here. Different styles help accommodate this problem. I’m here to help you figure out which shoe is best for you.

Flat feet

For flat feet, choose a nonflexible sandal. A flexible sandal causes inward motions; this is painful to the feet. Find a sandal with a wedge. The wedge will be able to support your foot and decrease the inward motions. Not to mention the wedge will add some height. Finding a wedged sandal isn’t hard at all: stores like DSW, Famous Footwear, and Payless sell wedges. Look for a shoe that fits your personality.

High arch

High arched feet benefit from a cushioned shoe. Make sure the shoe is flexible and provides less support. You definitely need cushion where your arch is. You might also benefit from investing in a high arched sole. The sole will allow you to accommodate all types of shoes and add that extra cushion that you need.

Neutral feet

This is the ideal foot type; it adjusts to your stability. You can buy almost any sandal with this foot form. The best shoe allows both cushioning and pronation control. Check out websites like Shoe Dazzle or Just Fabulous to find your perfect style for summer 2012. And the best part, they give discounts for first time users.

No matter what your foot type is, stay away from flip-flops. Flip-flops, especially the rubber ones, don’t offer any support or cushioning. Determining your foot type enables you to find shoes that are more comfortable for you but still keeping it stylish.

2012 Kid’s Choice Awards: Trends to Look Out For

4 Apr

The 2012 Kid’s Choice Awards brought new trends to try out for the summertime. The orange carpet was filled with stylish teens. But not only were there kids, there were adults, embracing their inner child. Celebs wore outfits that can be incorporated into your everyday style.

Crop Tops:

crop top

The KCA’s brought crop tops to the orange carpet. Selena Gomez had a pink crop top matched with a Dolce & Gabbana champagne skirt. You don’t always have to keep within the same color scheme. Mix up a yellow crop top and cobalt blue skirt. But don’t just wear these tops with skirts, pair them with printed shorts or a colored pants. This look is perfect for summer.

Cobalt Blue Hue:


What did Miranda Cosgrove, Elizabeth Giles and Kristen Stewart have in common? They rocked the darker blue color on the orange carpet. This color is so versatile for day and night outfits. Depending on what you want to wear, I suggest that you invest in a pair of cobalt blue pants. This can be match with nudes, whites, yellows, and black shirts or shoes. This is also another option if you’re getting bored with the regular navy blue jeans.

Coral Hue:


Madison Pettis wore a coral dress matched with coral shoes. The coral color is a great color to have in your closet. It really captures the essence of summer. It’s eye-catching but not too overbearing. Victoria Justice also rocked the coral look with a matching blazer and shorts. The coral blazer is a great clothing article to have. You can still look professional with color. But if accessories are more your thing, grab some coral jewelry – preferably a necklace. Choose a big flashy necklace. Why go unnoticed, right?

This year’s Kids Choice Awards embraced new spring trends for young adults – especially young women. These trends are a perfect way to enhance your style and fill up your closet with colorful clothes. Embrace these trends with confidence. Confidence is always key.