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Christian Louboutins DIY

28 May

Christian Louboutin is famous for the extensive line of red bottom heels. These shoes are beautiful, but come at a costly price. However, I have the perfect solution to get the same look at more reasonable price. This is a simple DIY that can really upgrade your favorite pumps.
First, pick your favorite pair of heels, preferably a solid color shoe. Christian Louboutin is iconic red bottom heels – his most simplest shoe is a black heel and red bottoms. You can get the red bottoms in two ways. You can use a sticker or nail polish.

If you’re planning on using a sticker, purchase it online from Rosso Solini. This Italian based company has a variety of colors and designs, so you aren’t limited to just red. This sticker costs about €5.99. This video shows you how to apply the sticker on your shoes. Once you’re done applying it, you’re ready to make a statement with your newly designed shoes. 

But if you’re planning on using nail polish, you’re going to need white, red and a clear coat of nail polish. The best kind of nail polish is one that finishes with a shiny appearance. I suggest that you use Wet ‘n Wild Wild Shine nail polish because it’s very cheap and is found at most drug stores. First clean the bottom of your shoes with baby wipes  if you’ve worn them out before. You can tape the edges of your shoe if you feel that it is necessary. Next you’re going to pain the bottom of your shoe with the white nail polish. You’re going to apply atleast 2 coats of nail polish. Once the white nail polish has dried, you can apply your first coat of red nail polish. Again, you’ll need to apply atleast 2 coats of red nail polish or however many you think is necessary. Once you finish, don’t forget to apply the finishing clear coat. This project will take around 1-2 hours. Wait atleast 24 hours before you wear your new shoes and you’ll have your own pair of Christian Louboutins look alike.

Nike Athletic Running Shoes

28 May

What is the best way to stay in shape with the new, warmer weather? Start running. Running can be painful, but pair of Nikes can ease your pain.

Nike is known for its extensive line of sneakers. They can be casual or athletic. Mostly known for its athletic shoes, Nike has dominated the sneaker world specializing in making basketball, volleyball, and especially running sneakers. You can pick your favorite running shoe based on what kind of stride is desirable to you.

Barefoot Stride

A barefoot stride makes you feel as if you are running with no shoes on. This shoe is typically lightweight which allows you to pick up a quicker pace and gives you a more natural stride. “Barefoot” running can reduce injuries, which is another plus to the barefoot shoe. Nike has its own category of sneakers that are best for the barefoot stride. On the bottom of the shoe are flex grooves which makes the shoe more flexible as you run. This reduces the amount of space between your foot and the actual lining of the shoe. The Nike Free Run 3+ does exactly this. This sneaker comes in a variety of colors which helps you look stylish while getting a workout. Based on customer reviews, a majority of people would recommend this shoe saying that it is the most comfortable Nike Free Run shoe in the collection.

Stable Stride

A perfect running sneaker for this type of stride, make sure the shoe has a lot of cushioning. You should buy these shoes if you don’t have severe pronation or supination. Nike shoes are made in a Flywire design which allows the sneaker to be lightweight. There are also Nylon fibers that help keep your foot in place. NIKE ZOOM STRUCTURE TRIAX+ 15 includes tons of lightweight cushioning and flex grooves that helps you get a better, stable ride during your run.

Neutral Stride

If you have a medium or high arch, then it would be best if you choose a neutral ride running shoe. This won’t change your stride while running. Make sure that the shoe has a soft midsole and allows arch support. NIKE ZOOM ELITE+ 5 uses Nike Zoom technology which allows the shoe to be more lightweight and durable. This is due to its thin cushioning, however it does absorb impact – making for a better run. Nike also include a hyperfuse material which allows the sneaker to breathe more easily. The sockliner interior allows a custom fit for the shoe.

For more on running check out Running Shoes Research

Boat Shoes: Picks for Summer 2012

18 May

Boat shoes for the summer are the best shoes for to get that laid back, casual look. Designers came out with many styles and colors this season. Boat shoes are classic shoes that instantly can give your outfit a preppy edge.  You easily can pair these with simple shorts or a black skirt. Here are some good picks for this summer.

Sperry Topsider

Sperry Topsider is primarily known for its boat shoes and its variety of styles. My favorite is the Cloud Logo Authentic Original 2-Eye. The stripes give this classic boat shoe a new, fresh look. Stripes are also in this season. This enhances your preppy look because of its simplicity. Pair this up with some red shorts and button down shirt, and you’ll have the ultimate preppy look.


Lacoste is a known for its polo shirts but the Karen boat shoe gives this designer a new edge. This is a simple boat shoe, and easily is paired with anything you wear. Slipping into these shoes gives you the benefit of feeling stylish without trying too hard. If you’re into buying Lacoste clothing, I highly recommend buying this shoe to match it with your Lacoste clothes.

Tommy Hilfiger

The Tommy Hilfiger boat shoe brings a new twist to the classic. It combines the latest trend of color blocking to the boat shoe. This style combines navy, beige and pink perfectly giving a feminine and preppy look. You can wear this shoe for a walk or to a casual party.

Rock and Candy

The Rock and Candy Boatie is a simple, classic approach. The dark brown leather can be paired easily with anything you wear. This style comes in variety of colors though like gold, navy and gray. Pair this with a summer dress, and you will look casual and cool.

Steve Madden: the Company and Summer line

14 May

Steve Madden is easily one of the top shoe designers of the 21st century. Named “Company of the Year” in 2006, Steve Madden is constantly expanding his company to sell dresses, accessories, ect. But this company always had a strong focus on one thing – shoes.

According to Steve Madden, “I get my ideas and inspiration from pounding the pavement all over the world.” Steve Madden transformed the platform shoe, seen on celebs on the streets of New York and L.A. Rock and roll stars of the 1970’s influenced him to create the thick, chunky heel. Today he says that people walking on the streets of London to New York inspire him for new designs.

This summer season you will be seeing a lot of prints and colors from Steve Madden’s collection. He especially uses a lot of cheetah print. My favorite is the KIMMMIE flat. It combines the leopard print and studs well – 2 styles that are trending this season.

Another favorite is the STANNDUP wedge. The coral color can be easily matched with an ivory colored outfit to give off a summery feel. The extra ankle strap on the shoe also gives support to your feet.

Steve Madden’s shoes will definitely help you define your individuality through style. His shoe line ranges from a number of different styles, colors and prints. This summer you should get yourself a pair of Steve Madden shoes to help enhance your outfit. You can also find Steve Madden shoes at cheaper price at DSW or Marshalls.

High Heel Shoes Makeover DIY Spiked Heels

9 May

The latest trend of spiked heels is walking the streets. This is a simple project that can be done in less than an hour. All you need is cone spikes or studs, a pair of leather or suede heels and Dart Awl used for making holes.

You can place the spikes however you chose, but you can simply follow the seam on the back of the heel. Next, use the hole making tool to puncture holes to insert the spikes. Push the spikes into the shoe with a screwdriver. Make sure the spike is screwed in the shoe securely so it doesn’t cause irritation. And you’re ready to wear them out.

Pair these shoes up with a leather jacket and it’ll give you that rebel-punk feel. You can go simple with the look, pairing the spike heels with black pants and a tee.

High Heels Shoe Makeover: DIY Cap Toe Heels

8 May

What is the difference between the shoe on the left and the shoe on the right? The price. You can get a designer pair of cap toed heels for much cheaper. This is a simple DIY project that only requires masking tape, spray paint, and patent heels.

Do this project outside or in an open space – or whatever is printed on the spray paint. You’re going to need to tape the parts of the shoes that you don’t want colored. You can also put a strand of tape where you want the toe painted and cover the rest of the shoe with a plastic bag. This helps for a clean finish. Have a glossed spray paint or spray paint used for plastic. Use 4-5 coats of spray paint for a complete finish. Keep in mind about the directions on the spray can. And once your shoes have dried, you officially have your own pair of cap toed heels.

If you’re having trouble picking colors to use, go simple. Choose a nude shoe with and use black spray paint or go the other way around. But if you’re a fashionista, try us
ing a neon color with nude shoe. Whatever you chose, you’ll definitely be in the latest trend with your new shoes.

High Heel Shoes Makeover: DIY Jeweled Heels

8 May

High fashion designers featured the jeweled heel this season. But this glamorous shoe comes at cost – almost $500. Save hundreds of dollars and create your own. This project is simple: all you need is jewels, industrial glue, tweezers and a pair of high heels.

First you need to organize your jewels according to size. Get a wide range of sizes. You can place them on your heel any way you choose. Try purchasing colored jewels to make the shoe pop out a little more, especially if you’re using black high heels. Make sure you are using loose, flat back rhinestones.

Next you’re going to need a plastic bowl to place your glue in. I recommend using craft adhesive because it is made to go through wear and tear. Use your tweezers to pick up the larger rhinestones and dip them into the glue. You can now place the rhinestones where ever you please. For the smaller rhinestones, take a toothpick and dip it into the glue then dab it on the jewel. Then repeat for the other shoe.

Wait for the glue to dry for about a day or so. Now you finally have a pair of jeweled heels. Strut your new shoes with a simple black dress to make your shoes the center of attention.