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Women’s Boots: Top 5 Best to Look Good and Stay Warm

16 Feb

What’s the problem with winter? You have to find boots that match your outfit and keep your toes warm. How do you find the perfect match? The key to finding the perfect pair of boots is to find out your favorite style and where you’re going.

Minnetonka: Boho Back to Nature Look 

Wearing Minnetonka boots will make you feel like a Native American princess. Minnetonka shoes imitate the classic Native American moccasin with a few touches of its own that makes this company original. All boots include the classic fringe style which is increasingly popular as celebs such as, Kourtney Kardashian, Hilary Duff, and Lily Allen. These shoes are easy to pair up with a t-shirt and jeans while still looking fashionable.

UGGS make you shine even on the coldest days:

The worst feeling is waking up and seeing that it’s gray out. It dampens your mood and makes you want to stay in bed all day. UGGS came out with their new sequin boot. This boot allows the glamorous feel of glitter and sparkle while keeping the warm sheepskin of an UGGS classic. Although UGGS can be costly – charging more than $170-$350, there are other manufacturers that also imitate this style like I-Comfort who charge around $38 for the same look.

Stand Tall in Ankle Boots:

Ankle boots with a little heel help you stand a little taller while showing off your great legs. They come in a variety of styles like a wedged heel or a combat-styled boot. Because of the variety, there is a range of prices for each style. My favorite shoe is the Zigi Soho Brinx Boot. This shoe combines the style of a combat boot, mixed with a heel, and the fleece lining to help keep those toes warm. Pair this shoe up with black skinny jeans and a leather jacket and you’ll be able to pull off the “tough-girl” look with some chic added.

NorthFace: Look glamorous in the worst weather

NorthFace is known for its incredible snow gear, so it’s no surprise that this company has one of the best shoes for the snow. But there’s a twist to this shoe. It looks like an everyday riding boot. The knee-high length protects your feet from getting wet, but also looks fashionable. The buckles at the top of the shoe make it look like a riding boot, but the bottom of the shoe clearly shows that it can be worn through the snow.

Look clean with Chinese Laundry

The truth of the matter is, when you’re going out you’ll probably slip on some solid colored pumps to match your outfits. But what if you caught everyone’s attention with your bedazzled boots? Chinese Laundry creates a 5-inch heel boot covered in sequins. With this shoe you’ll definitely be the center of attention. Its glamour can be paired with that “little black dress” of yours.