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Christian Louboutins DIY

28 May

Christian Louboutin is famous for the extensive line of red bottom heels. These shoes are beautiful, but come at a costly price. However, I have the perfect solution to get the same look at more reasonable price. This is a simple DIY that can really upgrade your favorite pumps.
First, pick your favorite pair of heels, preferably a solid color shoe. Christian Louboutin is iconic red bottom heels – his most simplest shoe is a black heel and red bottoms. You can get the red bottoms in two ways. You can use a sticker or nail polish.

If you’re planning on using a sticker, purchase it online from Rosso Solini. This Italian based company has a variety of colors and designs, so you aren’t limited to just red. This sticker costs about €5.99. This video shows you how to apply the sticker on your shoes. Once you’re done applying it, you’re ready to make a statement with your newly designed shoes. 

But if you’re planning on using nail polish, you’re going to need white, red and a clear coat of nail polish. The best kind of nail polish is one that finishes with a shiny appearance. I suggest that you use Wet ‘n Wild Wild Shine nail polish because it’s very cheap and is found at most drug stores. First clean the bottom of your shoes with baby wipes  if you’ve worn them out before. You can tape the edges of your shoe if you feel that it is necessary. Next you’re going to pain the bottom of your shoe with the white nail polish. You’re going to apply atleast 2 coats of nail polish. Once the white nail polish has dried, you can apply your first coat of red nail polish. Again, you’ll need to apply atleast 2 coats of red nail polish or however many you think is necessary. Once you finish, don’t forget to apply the finishing clear coat. This project will take around 1-2 hours. Wait atleast 24 hours before you wear your new shoes and you’ll have your own pair of Christian Louboutins look alike.