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High Heel Shoes Makeover DIY Spiked Heels

9 May

The latest trend of spiked heels is walking the streets. This is a simple project that can be done in less than an hour. All you need is cone spikes or studs, a pair of leather or suede heels and Dart Awl used for making holes.

You can place the spikes however you chose, but you can simply follow the seam on the back of the heel. Next, use the hole making tool to puncture holes to insert the spikes. Push the spikes into the shoe with a screwdriver. Make sure the spike is screwed in the shoe securely so it doesn’t cause irritation. And you’re ready to wear them out.

Pair these shoes up with a leather jacket and it’ll give you that rebel-punk feel. You can go simple with the look, pairing the spike heels with black pants and a tee.