High Heels Shoe Makeover: DIY Cap Toe Heels

8 May

What is the difference between the shoe on the left and the shoe on the right? The price. You can get a designer pair of cap toed heels for much cheaper. This is a simple DIY project that only requires masking tape, spray paint, and patent heels.

Do this project outside or in an open space – or whatever is printed on the spray paint. You’re going to need to tape the parts of the shoes that you don’t want colored. You can also put a strand of tape where you want the toe painted and cover the rest of the shoe with a plastic bag. This helps for a clean finish. Have a glossed spray paint or spray paint used for plastic. Use 4-5 coats of spray paint for a complete finish. Keep in mind about the directions on the spray can. And once your shoes have dried, you officially have your own pair of cap toed heels.

If you’re having trouble picking colors to use, go simple. Choose a nude shoe with and use black spray paint or go the other way around. But if you’re a fashionista, try us
ing a neon color with nude shoe. Whatever you chose, you’ll definitely be in the latest trend with your new shoes.

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