High Heel Shoes Makeover: DIY Jeweled Heels

8 May

High fashion designers featured the jeweled heel this season. But this glamorous shoe comes at cost – almost $500. Save hundreds of dollars and create your own. This project is simple: all you need is jewels, industrial glue, tweezers and a pair of high heels.

First you need to organize your jewels according to size. Get a wide range of sizes. You can place them on your heel any way you choose. Try purchasing colored jewels to make the shoe pop out a little more, especially if you’re using black high heels. Make sure you are using loose, flat back rhinestones.

Next you’re going to need a plastic bowl to place your glue in. I recommend using craft adhesive because it is made to go through wear and tear. Use your tweezers to pick up the larger rhinestones and dip them into the glue. You can now place the rhinestones where ever you please. For the smaller rhinestones, take a toothpick and dip it into the glue then dab it on the jewel. Then repeat for the other shoe.

Wait for the glue to dry for about a day or so. Now you finally have a pair of jeweled heels. Strut your new shoes with a simple black dress to make your shoes the center of attention.


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